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AERI Validation

Measurement/Model comparison for high water case from the
ARM Southern Great Plains Climate Research Facility (SGP) .

The top panel is the downwelling radiance at the surface measured by the AERI instrument (U. of Wisconsin).

The bottom three panels are residual plots (AERI-LBLRTM) for 

(a) LBLRTM v. 6.01 (CKD 2.4.1 with the HITRAN96 spectral line parameters), 

(b) LBLRTM v12.6 (MT_CKD_3.0 continuum with the aer_v_3.5 spectral line parameters), and 

(c) same as plot (b) except that the nominal HCOOH profile is increased by a factor of 9.

The foundation of our research and model development is the validation of line-by-line radiative transfer calculations with accurate high-resolution measurements.

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